Discover beauties of regions of Czech Republic and the world with a personal tourist guide.

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Would you like to go for a trip or vacation and do not have the courage to go out for yourself? Take your personal tourist guide with you to solve it for you. The guide plans a trip, helps to find and secure accommodation, suggests trips to the most interesting places in the destination, helps with interpreting.

The diversity of Czech regions is breathtaking. Wavy landscape covered with forests, castles, mansions, monasteries and convents, ruins. Picturesque villages, towns with medieval foundations, lookout towers with fantastic views, lakes, rivers. With a personal tourist guide you will visit the most amazing places in our country, you will experience adventures and unforgettable moments.

Personal tourist guide will guide you on a trip abroad. Designs a plan of interesting places you should see in the destination. The guide will help interpret your wishes in another language, presents the history of the place and will be available throughout your stay. The personal guide allows you to experience the most amazing holiday of your life.

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